Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My plan....

I'm having issues now that I'm a graduate with knowing what to do with myself. Obviously I shall still be an embroiderer but there aren't actually many jobs in this. So I am setting up as a freelancer, doing bits and pieces for people. I've been thinking all week though that I want to set up a business, sell my work to shops, do craft fairs, have a website that sells stuff etc. I've been sketching and making bits and pieces trying to decide what I should be selling....turns out that's not an easy question. Last night though I decided that there is a very simple solution - I shall try to sell my actual embroideries! I have really enjoyed doing my Loula-Rose christening present and my ginger bread house so I figured why not do more of this stuff. I am going to create the actual embroidery pieces to sell but also sell prints of these pieces (which would obviously be a far lower price) and cards and stationary items with the embroidery printed on them.... Hopefully this is a good idea and people will like them! By the end of the year I plan to have a website set up where I can sell and I am currently looking into shops and fairs this space!
P.S if you see anything you might want to buy in the meantime then send me an email or a comment or something :-) 

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