Thursday, 23 June 2011

The end of uni....

So uni is now coming to an end, the degree show is coming down tomorrow and I am off back down to Leicester land. The results are in and I shall be graduating with a 2:1 - rather pleased! I haven't put any final show stuff up yet as I didn't want to be ruining the surprise for anyone that was coming to the show! shall pop some up now though.

I am really happy with my final book, I actually quite love it! I got 5 copies printed and everyone seems to have gotten quite excited about them. I sent one down to my Mum's nursery and the children liked it and asked to read it again! The tutors have all even congratulated me on it which was a relief.

Putting up the show went really well (except for some shelf related issues) I did a big thread drawing - an adaptation of my front cover - on the wall over the books which was really exciting and fun to do....

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